projects (music and more)

This section presents a sample of projects where my music supported art by others: film, visual art, performances.

(Some of the music may now be enjoyed on Soundcloud.)

electronic music for film and audiovisual productions

  • Electronic music for the independent animated short Troost (Consolation) by Hans Nassenstein.

  • Electronic music and sound effects (using voices and balloon sounds) for the independent animated short The Inflatable Alphabet by Ellen Meske.

  • Electronic music and sound for the independent animated short Nog eens (Once Again) by Hans Nassenstein.

  • Electronic music (musique concrète) for the documentary De stem van de vermisten (The Voice of Those Who Are Not Here) by Erik van Zuylen (commissioned by Amnesty International and Dutch Television).

  • Electronic music and sound design for the self-produced pseudo-documentary Zeezicht (Sea View) by Peter Petersen, who presently works as a sculptor. Also used as part of Petersen’s art show Zeezicht zogenaamd (Sea View, So-called). [Music on Souncloud: Sealight]

  • Electronic music (with Martin Rogge on violin ) for the animated short De weg omhoog (The Way to the Top) by Niek Reus. 

  • Electronic music to accompany an AV production featuring the Distributed Language Translation project.

  • Electronic music to accompany an abstract animated film by Zennor Alexander: Signs of Life.

electronic music for art shows

  • Electronic composition Tidal Flow for the art show Tidal Flow featuring paintings of Henri-Pierre Tatin. [Soundcloud: Tidal Flow]

  • Electronic composition Stone Age Dilemma for Dark Room by Peter Petersen for Van Kei Tot Kunst (From Rock To Art), a thematic art show about the megaliths in the eastern region of The Netherlands.

electronic music for live performances

  • Electronic composition Wind for the traveling outdoor dance/sculpture project Combinatie wind 1981 (Combination Wind 1981) by Peter Petersen. [Soundcloud: Wind]

  • Electronic composition Vloedlijn for a program by modern dance ensemble Arc en Ciel (Emmie Bannink and Nettie van Dijk).

  • Electronic music and sound design for Rodenko Nit Grammah, a performance featuring the work of Dutch poet Paul Rodenko.

electronic music for listening

  • Marsyas, a composition for live contemporary flute and recorded electronic music. Written for and dedicated to Jos Zwaanenburg. [Soundcloud: Marsyas]

  • Grace III, an electronic symphony in five parts, dedicated to my wife, Jeanne Grace Trabulsi. [Soundcloud: Grace III]

computer animation

This is a new direction. More information on the Film Portfolio page.

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